Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hole -- ee -- crapola.

The PoTB is NUTS.

I love it.

I went there -- waaaaaay too late tonight, but this time with AC Maps pulled up (I later eavesdropped on the best way to the pit in PoTB). But I got there, and was immediately recruited -- and saw that I was like the 2nd lowest level there.

Hoo, boy, this should be scary. =(

Two things:

1. Chung had warned me about "rocks to the back of the head." Wish I'd listened, lol. Wham, lifestone in like 10 minutes.
2. When I got back, I (and I don't say this often) seriously kicked ass. LOTS of dead lugies. At one point, it was just me and two mages, before more melees arrived. Woot!

In fact, I should name them, because these two mages were kicking serious ass with the imperils, and were balls-to-the-wall OUT there in the middle of the pit (while I cowered in the doorway, plinking away). Their names were C a r n a g e, and Majin' (can't say much for their names). Anyway, they were astoundingly good at what they did, and also got me thinking --- you simply HAVE to have mages in the PoTB. They're indispensible (but useless without melees/archers) to kill.

One question (and I didn't ask in the fellow, because I was working my ass off, and trying to stay ahead of the spawn): What's the ettiquite there? What's the deal with looting? How do mages loot, if all they do is imperil?

I should ask Lokkie, he'll know how the mages handle it. =D =P

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