Sunday, September 11, 2005

Holy karma.

So after I explained to Kit that you could get gems of stillness from Memnosynes, I decided to do her a favor and go get some obsidian hearts for her to carve some keys. Sigh. Don't ask. I mean . . . we're not . . . I'm not supposed to . . . sigh.

Don't ask.

Anyway, I know of those huge spawn of obsidian golems (like 10+) in almost the same radar area in the Vesyanwhatever Islands. So (after spending 15 minutes trying to find which main town has a Kryst portal (hint: its name rhymes with "Moo-she"), I head off to those series of Islands.

Have I mentioned that I just HATE running in archipelagios? ("Oh, you can run across THESE islands, but NOT these ones. THOSE? No way. But those ones just a quarter inch to the right? Sure, as shallow as VN 'good morning' thread"). Grrr.

Um, anyway. Again.

I'm running from Kryst, trying to find that spawn area. And along the way, I see them: Shallows Devourers. I spent HOURS (like many people) looking for Ulgrim's scroll, to no avail.

Ok, I spent like 2.5 hours, but it totally FELT longer.

Anyway. Again again.

I kept my eyes open for devourers, but just kept seeing destroyers. Finally, I had a good run of devourers. Well . . . there were 6. No scroll.

Humph. Moving on. There's two more.

Holy cow. No, wait. Cows had nothing to do with it. Karma. I was out there to do a good deed for someone for whom I bear no ill will, but who has a boatload for me. And there we are.

Eighth devourer I killed.

Ulgrim's scroll.

I don't care how broke I am -- I'm keeping it.

Um, just as soon as I can find Ulgrim. =P

P.S. Killed (this is true) 250 arrows worth of obsidians (most were one shots, but some had them down to just a few points on the first hit). Sum total of hearts: 4. But I'll take that for Ulgrim. And for Karma's sake. Goodnight!

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