Thursday, September 22, 2005

One last bit o' thought on Dealing With People.

So, I'm still having a crisis of confidence about staying in the alliance, and the chat mode just made it worse. Logging in to all this chatter gets me in that "Scream" mode (the painting, not the movie).

That got me thinking a bit more -- even if I give back the bows to Lorna (Avy) and Leventhal, will I still owe? I mean, Kaos gave me a magic D tessie (that's 30 MMDs), but I gave Og Tree a tinked up 335 LR bow (which he had mentioned HE would give me 30 MMDs for). So I guess I'm about even if I quit.

But where the hell is all this quitting thing coming from? How much of ALL of this is just my own "fed-up-ness" with dealing with ALL people as of late, instead of not liking being in an alliance.

Mind you, it's NOT this alliance -- it's just being in ANY alliance that's getting me nuts as of late.

Sigh. =(

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