Saturday, September 24, 2005

Path of the Scared.

So, I'm 141 now, courtesy of some eater jaws. Might as well do it -- let's see what this whole "Path of the Blind" thing is all about. JUST as I beam in, none other than Chunglee is there, and I said something pithy about this being my first time. Chung wasn't in a fellow, so I just assumed we'd form up there at the entrance and hold "the drop" open.

Um, no.

Chung could not have been nicer. He said, "Let's go to the pit," and after I did some "@e wets his armor" emotes, he said, "Ready?"

That seemed weird. Isn't it just a little ol' run?


Watching Chung's little "X" fade away from me, whlie I was knee-high to a bunch of angry giants reminds me of being a little kid, charging around a bunch of adults. You only move around at their pleasure, unless you're REALLY fast.

Good thing I poured all that XP into run. =P Anyway, Chung came back for me once or so (ok, it was five times, but who's counting?), and we made it to the pit, where we were immediately recruited. So I start killing, after Chung gives me a heads-up about "taking rocks to the back of the head." Heh, if he only knew -- I've had bunnies throw CARROTS at me, and whack me. =(

Anyway, I started killing. And start immediately getting death messages saying I've killed X number of Tukora Lieutenants. ?=/

Funny -- I'd spoken to so many NPCs, I must have started that quest and not known it. Anyway, I'm up to like 6 messages, and the spawn dries up, so I naturally relaxed.

Oh wait -- this is me.

What I --ACTUALLY-- did was run off down this ramp -- solo. And found 4 giants just staring at a wall.

Double oh.

Someone else came down there to fight, but I realized the pitfall of having ALL combat filtered -- I looked up and saw my beautiful 350 health down to 100.

No, wait, 75. Make that 60.

All the while, I'm hitting the "7" key for my health elixirs. Which I'd forgotten to resupply.

I r teh smart. =(

So, I hit the quickslot for an Aphus gem, and got out. Quickly healed (note: didn't replenish elixirs), and recalled.

Tai thinks, "Now then, WHAT way did Chung go again? Ah, I'm still in the fellow, so I'll just shoot one of those guys over there. I'm sure his five buddies won't mind."

@e hits that exit portal real-effin-quick.

I tried to be graceful, but I had to fess up to the fellow that I'd recalled, and now was lost on how to get to the pit. So, I bowed out, what with someone already in line.

But I'll admit this -- what I saw seemed FUN. =)

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