Saturday, September 17, 2005

You know what?

I'm still pissed over the whole debacle with the lab dungeon thing.

And so, it's time to put my affairs in order.

There were two 335 bows given to me by members of my alliance, which I tinked up with hog. Courtesy of some pretty incredible timing, I've just had the inscriptions removed. I'm going to return them to the people who gave them to me, with no charge for the hog, and with a well-wishing inscription. No hard feelings.

I also gave away an electric bow to an alliancemate earlier this week. I could have made a bundle on it. If there's a ledger of things received in the alliance, vs. things given, I'm definitely at LEAST even.

As for my current set, all my 360 bows have come from ME. Through MY work. MY efforts. I'm still missing fire and bludgeon, but I'll find some.

On my own.

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