Thursday, September 29, 2005


Just something about me buying auctions for gloves seems to create drama.

When I first bought some noble gaunts from Asper in an auction, I did it by correctly reading that there was a snipe rule in said auction. Soooooooo, I just set the palm pilot with an alarm for about 15 minutes or so, logged in, made a snipe bid and won them. That was the start of my issue with Gibbon_Raver (Berek Heartthew in-game), who (shock!) it seems was exposed as an evader, lol.

Fast forward to tonight. Those noble gaunts I won? I stuck a quickness gem in them. So, +12, not +15. I've always kept my eye open for major quickness covenant gaunts. They were auctioned off last night. So I bid.

And waited.

I noticed that another person outbid me on them later, but that the auction wasn't ending until about 9pm EST. Soooooo, I made another tactical decision -- I set the palm, and went on about my day (evening).

Then bid around 8:50pm.

1+ hour passes, and the guy realizes he's been sniped. Oops. O=)

Of course, he's crying over the fact that I outbid him by 1 MMD, but it's just patently obvious sour grapes over losing.

These aren't ringed sing keys -- these are MMDs, and they come in ANY amount. I'm not rich, but I do on occasion, make a good business decision. It's called, "Buy low, sell high."

Maybe I'll offer him the gaunts for twice what I paid for them. =P

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