Friday, October 14, 2005


Snuck into PoTB a little while ago, and spent just about an hour there. Got a decent, but not great, percentage of kills (Rabiosa and someone named Sweetpea were racking up). That was FUN.

I guess I was technically a leech, but all the folks in the fellow couldn't have been nicer. Father of Storms was effective, and I even found a few (well, 4) insignias on my kills. I think Ali was there as an alternate character, although I didn't notice him and Rab talking (maybe in @A?). Ah well, it was quite a good crowd, and no one seemed to mind me hiding in the alcoves (like hell I'd venture out there in the open!).

Not a bad night, and a nice way to make up for not playing much this week.

Oh one thing --- I *still* didn't remember to get a blue kit, so I was living (literally) off of trade elixirs and peerless kits.

I r teh gimpy.

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