Tuesday, October 18, 2005



I haven't been in-game for days with RL work issues, and a trip to Philly to the haunted prison thing. I just noticed about an hour ago that u-a-fool was selling a SWEET +12 fire bow on the cheap (as a PYI). I did some dealing, and gritted by teeth, BUYING a bag of RG (I have lots I could get for free from friends, but won't accept help).

And yet . . . no 38% tinkers on (except for someone whom I detest).

So, I was going to just give the bag to Fool to let him keep until a 38%er showed up. And then he offered to try it with his 33% guy.

It landed!


The first thing I did?

Gave the +7 fire bow back to Avy . . . snuck up on her in the MP. =P

I r teh messed up.

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