Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yo, beeyotch!

I'd be a great pimp. Well, actually I'd be horrible at it. But I'd be GREAT at the clothing part.

I want my dapper suit dyed. One mule has it in black. Another mule has the "regular" look (kind of Colban, I'd say). I dyed mine the deep purple. =D

But I don't like it. It looks too much like the Colban. So, I figured I'd dye it. But what color? Then, someone shot me a tell and gave me a great idea:

Hot pink.

Now THAT would be unique.

A quick trip to Maggie's, and we find that failed dye jobs (courtesy of my by-design-sucky cooking mule) will leave clothing hot pink, and armor neon orange. Woot! So after (this is true) running to the swamp gardens to get some black plants (I'd refused to accept extra plants from clanmates), I went home and summoned my cook.

Off to Holtburg. A cooking forge here, alchemy forge there. Boom. Woot! She failed! Hooray.

Except the suit is neon orange. =(

Whored out again. =(

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