Monday, November 21, 2005

What's the point of maxing?

So I just noticed . . . I have 900 mill XP unspent. I'm not close to maxing my stats & skills, but I'm wondering . . . why should I?

What's the point of maxing one's skills vs. getting an augment? Would the few points in Coord, Bow, or Melee D make that much of a difference, against a CS reduction augment?

I got the augment to reduce burden by 20%, and it's flipping great. I'm able to salvage like crazy, make (gasp!) TWO full sets of elemental arrows if I'm traipsing across Dereth, and otherwise not sweat certain loot.

So I'm looking at the list, and people just rave about the CS reduction augment (so 1 in 4 of criticals against you won't stick). That's a cool thing.

But what about my stats? It's so strange, but I'm not sure I'll EVER have a good reason to spend 300 mill on 1 point of a skill, when that's 1/3 of the way to most augments I'd like (I can do the burden thing up to 5 times).


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