Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Harbinger? Lemme at 'im!

I'm so lame at questing, it's just plain scary (doubt me? Recall that I . . . still . . . haven't . . . done . . . Aerlinthe).

Anyway, I show up for Juzam's Harbinger quest tonight (earlier, like around 10:00pm EST -- what the fuck am I still doing up NOW?!). It's got quite an array of high levels, plus some obvious secondary characters. Off we charge into the dungeon, and immediately I get a lot of this:

Your missle attack hit the environment.

This is AC speak for: "N00b." An alternative translation is (surprise): "Gimp."

Everything was flipping' dying before I could shoot it. I mean, maybe TWICE I even got a kill message. So I did what I can only do in that situation: I start emoting.

@e quakes in fear
@e hides
@e buys real estate with no money down

(all actual emotes I did, not a single word from either of the two fellows)

So, we make the evil-wicked-hella-jumps(tm) towards the end, and we head for Harby.

At this point, I feel like a burden on the group, and like I'm not really contributing (sound familiar?) So we get to the last jump, and I see what looks like two elementals, and the Harbinger.

Sweet! So one archer is shooting at one, and I start shooting at the other. He kills his, and then mine either dies or just moves off out of radar ranger.

Now's when things got a little dicey. Because, and I swear this is true, I absolutely swear, swear, and swear again that I saw someone jump down.

So I did too, and moved off, straight and to my left, finding a wall to fight the ELEVENTY BILLION elementals on the ground floor. The elementals at this point were doing three basic things here:

(1) attacking me
(2) chain-casting spells and debuffs on me
(3) doing *heartylaugh* emotes, with their little puffy cloud bodies grabbing at their little puffs of bellies.

Oh, and the Harbinger was pounding on me like that sailor probably pounded that nurse on V-J day.

All in all, I'm glad I carry so many health philtres.

While I was drinking, I looked around, and away from my health bar to see the following sight on my radar.

(1) Eleventy billion dots around the middle of the radar, to wit, ME
(2) A bunch of white dots and triangles off behind me and to my right.

They hadn't jumped.

Happy Chicken says, "Tai come north" (I'm pretty certain that's Juzam, btw)
Happy Chicken says, "north"

Acid elemental tells you, "Oy vey, I'm fulla gas I am! Too much rugelah! And now I'm gonna gives ya such a bris!"
(In my little world, Miasma sounds very Yiddish)

So I run. Like the proverbial dickens. And now players start raining down on the floor like that "It's Raining Men" video (who the hell sang that? Wasn't it this group, "Two tons of fun?")

Chaos ensues.

The whole time, I'm thinking, "Boy, I hope no one noticed that. Maybe they thought Juzam said that AFTER we all jumped.")

Happy Chicken tells you, "Remind me to beat you next time I see you for jumping down early"

That would be a "No."

So we fight. And fight. And fight and fight and fight.


This was taking a LONG time. I unfiltered combat briefly to see that with a +160ish%, +12 slash rending bow I was doing about 130 per regular hit. Eeeeew.

Anyway, we got him, and he only got one of us. I didn't blame myself for that death, because the Harby apparently chain cast on him like Peter North does to his co-stars. I grabbed an arm token just as Juzam explained you didn't need it for the XP reward. This cat runs a VERY clean, tight Harbinger quest, it always impresses me. I don't know how people can do these big quests and get good at them (hell, even look at Kaos' skill with the Kings Quests).

There's no way I got the kill on the beastie, but what was most surprising (thanks to my healers) was that I survived. Juzam was totally ok with me jumping down, and explained that all he was going to do was just direct the attack before we jumped down, but that it was ok. For my part, I'll be beating myself up over that in-game for a while. Good thing the timer is 90 days! ;-)

Anyway . . . You are now level 151!

Woot! I'm like a bottle of rum now!

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