Sunday, December 11, 2005

Oh, lighten up, Francis . . .

I decided to run the Hopeslayer quest for the 10 million (even though it's such a low number nowadays). But, I figured I could do some good by keeping the area clear for the low levels (muwahahaha! Die, j00 level 85 grievers!).

Of course, there was controversy. I guess there were 40+ people in the MP for this one run, and Doomherald showed up. Everything was fine until the end room, but then Doom stood up on the chest to get the Blood of the Hopeslayer.

The thing is, him standing on the chest really didn't hurt a thing, but people were REALLY upset. You would have thought Doom was trying to steal something.

Man, this dude's reputation has him almost larger than life.

Although this isn't even life, is it?

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