Wednesday, January 25, 2006

China, Google, and lame posters on VN

People around here pissed themselves on VN thinking that Google might work with the Justice Department in its attempt to make a new law aimed at curbing kiddie porn.

So, I wondered whether or not we'd see any objections from those same folks when this story came out -- Google is working with China, a country that is outright DEMANDING censorship (you know, of pesky search terms like, "Democracy"), but we have nary a peep from those folks so far.

Guess doing "Nazi"-like actions, and censorship is only bad to folks like pathetic folks like Jezza and Plasma if the US does it. If someone else does it, well then that's just cultural. It's amazing how hating the United States is so chic. "America love it or leave it" is lame, but "If something is wrong in the world, find a way to blame America" is equally so.


More links!
(describes what is blocked on that version)
(good survey of opinions, discussing the Google vs DoJ thing compared to Google getting in bed with China)

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