Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mr. Planning Guy

So I realize I have two pieces of armor I've been waiting to use: a covenant helm with major piercing ward, and covenant pauldrons with major coord. The bonus is that NOW that I can wear those pauldrons, I can ditch the covenant helm (and wear this nice ward! Woot!).

Thus, last night, I spent --easily-- 90 minutes buying salvage, using Thurwyn, finding some black plants, getting my uber gimp alchemist/cook to make dye, and then even LONGER finding a cook to dye some armor.

The moment of truth comes -- I take off that silly noble helm (with -- pfft -- only +12 to coord), and put on my new helm. This enables my major coord pauldrons to be put on. Woot!

Except one problem -- my noble helm casts bow mastery self 6. I don't have creature.


Anyone want to buy some nice covenant armor with majors? =(

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