Monday, January 09, 2006

Sheesh, 15% vitae . . .

I hate body recoveries.

You'd think I'd just ASK in the LFG or General channel if there was a PoTB fellow. Nooooooo. Instead, I just make that death run in the PoTB, jump off the ledge to the Pit, and run to where the mages usually stand (since by this point, I've figured out I'm in deep doo-doo, as there is NO fellow going on).

About 5 nasties followed me. 1 of them must have had a rock. Before I could hit the hotkeyed Aphus gem, I died.

And then spent a good 40 minutes getting not just that body back, but the other two as well. That friggin SUCKED.

And cost me --this is true-- 20 Aphus gems from having to pick up 1-2 items, getting down to 30-70 health, and having to crack the gem before I was about to leave yet another body. Not good.

Guess I need to hit the MP and see if anyone's selling those things anymore. =(

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