Tuesday, January 03, 2006

To merge, or not to merge

Kaos caught me totally off guard the other day when he suggested that he might merge into AS1 or Chunglee's clan. Personally, I have no problem with either of those monarchs, and consider them both credits to the server. But -- if Kaos had merged, I likely would have quit, and gone through Dereth unattached.

But what brought this on? I'm guessing it was the lack of chatter on @a, but hell -- I log on all the time, and NEVER say "Hi." Sometimes, I'm just logging on for a sec or two, and it actually seems more rude to say, "Hi/Bye" than nothing at all.

So. Here's the thing. If Kaos was to close out the monarchy, it should be for one of two reasons:

1. He's sick of being a monarch, or
2. The members of the monarchy are about to jump to other monarchies, thus imperiling (ha! AC humor) the mansion, including all its portal items, many many (many) trophies, and numerous stocks in the chests.

So I just pointed out to Kaos, that if he could honestly say that either #1 or #2 was the case, then he might well want to bail. But, the thing is that I'm personally not bothered by a rather quiet @A chat, particularly where so many clans are cross-talking in general chat. In fact, in some ways, @A is a bit obselete (unless you wish to "whisper" to alliance members only).

As Kaos noted on VN, we have LOTS of self-sufficient players in this alliance. The fact that we can periodically band together for Kings Quests, Bobo runs, whatever, is just fine, but I don't know of many people in the alliance who would log just because they couldn't talk to an alliance-mate (again, particularly now that general is so chatty).

I actually DO like when @A chat is busy -- I'm always cracking up when folks chat, but it's not a critical point for me. I think some of the quietness is from Lorna's pregnancy, Sarz's mysterious disappearance, Og's mission, and other RL matters just occupying folks as of late.

The thing is, AC is like an well-worn pair of jeans -- you can just pull em on any ol' time, and they fit, feel good, and you're back off to the races in them. But if you wear them every day, you'll shorten their life.


Um, anyway, that's basically my peace on it. If Kaos had moved, I was actually giving heavy thought to just going it alone in Dereth (not out of dislike for either Chung or AS1 -- both monarchs are credits to AC). But more out of a desire to just go "walkabout."

Glad I won't have to do that -- I kinda like mooning the statues at the mansion when no one's lookin'! ;-)

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