Sunday, January 08, 2006

You know what a really hard quest is even now?

This one:

This quest is just a freakin' BEAR. I mean, those buggers just chain cast on you like crazy. ZAPZAPZAPZAPZAP.


I've tried it -- this is true -- FOUR times previously. Just getting there is a hell of a run. So this time, I pulled up AC Maps and looked at the map.

Hrm. What if I just RAN though the whole thing, whacked the Aviator, and ran out?

For the record -- even THAT isn't easy.

Use cold attack on those idiots, they seem to hate that type. Assume you'll do the entire dungeon with these debuffs on you:

Weakness 6
Vulnerability 6
Lightning vuln 6
Cold Vuln 6
Imperil other 6

This is a given -- no matter your magic D, they cast so often, that the spells will land eventually (I resisted a lot). Then they'll attack with lightning, cold, and (huh?) fire.

Even running through this place, barely stopping to fight only at the end, and I had to crack an Aphus Gem with only 27 health left (out of 355).

But I got it!

And now I look like the creepy kid from "A Christmas Story" -- the one who talked to Ralphie while they were in line to see Santa.

You think AC's still a cakewalk? Try and do that dungeon in a systematic crawl. You'll fly -- to the lifestone!

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