Monday, February 13, 2006

Baron Overcompensation

So I had just turned in my snow lillies in Silyun (gawd, I heart that quest) when I ran up to this NPC person and was placed on a quest. This quest had several benefits:

1. It involved Viamontians, who I happen to enjoy killing (no idea why).
2. It involved an attack on the King's loyalists (they ARE the bad guys, ya know).
3. The NPC just GAVE me the coords to go to (hell, even *I* can do THAT!), and
4. OMG -- I. Had. To. Cut. Off. His. Freaking. HEAD!!!

Now THAT is cool!

It turns out the dungeon isn't far from Ayan, so I recalled, buffed (even remebering to put on my armor), and ran for the place.

Awesome -- the dungeon portal is inside a castle at LEAST the size of Neydissa. Woot!! So I ran in, and just started blowing away the blueskins. Wow! This was actually kinda tough! Fun!

So I find the entry portal, and beam in. It's a pretty straight shot, and I'm fighting my way though these guys when all of a sudden, there's a huge fight in this big room. And then I notice him: "Baron (Encha-something)."

THIS is the guy who has been torturing people of Dereth and/or Ispar?
THIS is the scourge of the Silyun loyalists?
THIS is the object of my quest?

He was --I'm serious-- about 4 feet tall. No bigger than a mosswart. He might as well have been named "Baron Enchilada." Compared to the other Viamontians, he looked like he was on "Take your Viamontian kid to work day."

Well, no WONDER he's a big time torturer! He's got short man disease! Always overcompensating.

Bah. Bet he drives a big sports car too. Wish I'd looted his keys instead of his head.

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