Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Here's why I'm a retard:

(Um, reason # 571, that is).

I went to all this trouble to re-tie my secondary portal to the "Jungle Hub," from the PoTB (the POTB is still pretty quickly gotten to). Fine. So what do I do after beaming into the PoTB (and promptly dying -- again?).

I change into my dapper suit. Life will always get better in AC if I'm wearing my dapper suit.

And then, because I need Gems of Stillness, I need to run to Tufa. Jungle Hub, away!

So I cast portal recall. NOT SECONDARY portal recall.

Giant PoTB Tusker tells you, "Gawd, j00 are soooooo hawt in that suit!"

I mean, I beamed in, and just stood there in disbelief, while all the lugies threw rocks at me like they were Muslims on a Haj pilgrimage.

Make that 2 deaths in the past 30 minutes. But at least I didn't drop my suit. Which, despite everything else, things are better on Dereth when I'm wearing it.

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