Thursday, March 23, 2006

Would that running IRL were this easy!

I've got a 10 mile run coming up in a couple of Sundays, and have missed a fair amount of AC time while I train for it.

Wish I could just go up to the starting line and press "Q". =P

What's funny is that I kinda HAVE to do this race, and other races like the Army 10 miler, in order to keep myself motivated to run the Marine Corps Marathon in late October.

Which doesn't bode well for extra AC time. =(

Saturday, March 18, 2006


I didn't see this on Maggie's but by Karlun's fort, right where you pretty much start the quest is this guy who is some sort of Viamontian armorer. Anyway, he hands you this note, and asks you go to to (I think) Eastham, to the Shadow Armorer guy who's there. THAT guy gives you a note for the Karlun guy.

So, I did that.

The Viamontian/Karlun guy gave me ANOTHER note, this time for the Shadow Armorer guy in Kara. And one other one for the Gharu Shadow Armorer guy in another city.

The purpose? To find out if they could all be friends. =/

This is all very high school.

But, I ran the quest anyway. Got a few million XP for my trouble.

It looks like next month that you'll be able to make Viamontian Shadow Armor! That, or the four guys will be pretzeled up together a la "Brokeback Mountain."

Friday, March 17, 2006


I'm so bummed. I took Kaos' idea and ran with it, and am now trying to amass as many titles as possible. But -- I can't get either of the Hero/Champion of Silyun tokens, as these are apparently one-time quests. That sucks! >=(

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dapper suit death #202

Wearing my dapper suit yet again, I did a portal recall, thinking the last portal I hopped was to Sanamar.

Tukora Sentinel tells you, "Ooooh, nice suit!"
The force of Tukora Sentinel's assault flattens Tai Fung!

Sigh. But I so heart wearing it. =/

Monday, March 13, 2006

Hell just froze over.

1. I just did Aerlinthe, having NEVER done it before (although I got as far as the lower foundry a few times, only to keep missing the jump, see lots of earlier entries).

2. I got the kill.

3. I did the whole quest solo.

I mean, SURE the thing took HOURS to do alone and as a noob, but at least doing it alone I could ensure I'd get the
kill. ;-) :-P

Care for an ice-pop, Satan?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Haw. Right again.

That UNC killer driver guy wanted to kill students to avenge Muslims.

Pardon me while I snicker a little bit at the irony, not the injuries. Here's the deal: UNC is a very liberal campus. You just know (and you can verify this by looking at older letters to the editor of the student newspaper) that they have just taken a total pacifist attitude on dealing with Muslim killers, to wit, the old, "If we ignore their attacks, they'll eventually get tired of bombing us," and the "anything bad that happens is our fault" (otherwise known as the Bennish Special).

Hey! Lookie at that UNCers! Muslims will even kill the liberals, too!

I wrote this a long time ago: "And they won't spare the pacifists."

I also wrote this: "They want you dead, no matter how much you wring your hands and blame America for all the world's problems. You'll still be considered a target to them."

And now UNC students know this too. Even the liberal ones.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Wow. Lotsa H8 for USA on VN.

Lots of people I wouldn't expect to harbor utter hate for America are all jumping to this teacher's defense on some VN thread. Even -I- defend the teacher's right to say what he said. But, if you think you can have free speech without consequences, you're either stupid, or clueless.

What's disheartening about the VN thread is that NONE of them are attacking what he had to say (seems Second Chance, and even Puffy, agree with it. I knew DM would). Guess VN is a LOT more left wing than I thought.

Here's something Stip wrote: "anyone who compares anyone else to Hitler or Nazi's is immediately disregarded as being completely out of their mind."

Stip's been gone too long. Read what scum like Plasma (who seriously thinks it's totally ok to kill civilians, as long as they're American, and white) have to say.

Anyway, the point is that those on the loony left DO think Bush is the same as Hitler, Capitalism is the root of all evil, we should all become socialists immediately, and that anything bad that happens to the United States is the fault of the United States. Purely evil acts are only done by white men; any ethnic or religious "minority" that does a bad thing only did it because of the United States.

People like Jay Bennish have been around for years. They started getting more shrill post 9/11, when Ramsey Clark formed ANSWER to stop any military response to the Taliban, and they've said the things Jay Bennish have said (almost verbatim) at pro-peace rallies since (you know those rallies, the ones where they torch stuff while chanting about peace). Because, however, those folks weren't getting mainstream airplay (they weren't teachers, but just well-fed college students, and Starbucks employees on breaks), people didn't really hear a lot of what they had to say.

What is the mindset of those folks? Just listen to (or read) what the teacher said, which was, in essence:

-America is the most violent nation on Earth.
(Which is why we have had to be bombed into going to wars, allow governments to constantly crap on us without retribution, and still haven't thrown the U.N. off our shores).

-Capitalism is bad.
(Yeah, it would be great if I exerted a level 10 effort every day, and got level 5 results, while looking at some bum exert level 1 effort and get level 5 results too).

-Hugo Chavez am good.
(I like the part where you get thrown in jail for criticizing Chavez. But Cindy Sheehan digs him, so I guess that's ok)

-Israel is a terrorist nation.
(Those darn Jews! I mean, those 6 million in WW2 probably were asking to be killed, maimed, and experimented on! And those Arab countries that kept on attacking it and losing land should just get that land back! After all, Israel won all those wars against it on, um, a technicality or something. Anyway, when you win a war after being attacked, and take the land of the attackers, well, that's um, not right. Or something).

-Hamas am good people.
(Suicide bombers just need a hug!).

-9/11 was our fault. The towers were valid to hit, so was the Pentagon.
(Anything bad that happens to the United States, in fact, is our fault. Attacking civilians or military personnel while dressing like a civilian isn't a war crime or anything. It's cultural.)

Now, seriously -- that kind of thing can be heard at literally every major peace rally (I'm not kidding). Check Brain-Terminal's videos section.

I hope Jay Bennish is on a hijacked plane someday. I hope he's on a plane hijacked by Muslims, who tell him that they're going to fly the plane into some U.S. building. I hope they explain to Jay how, if you really think about it, all buildings in the U.S. are connected in some way to the U.S. military, but just to be sure, the building they're targeting has military personnel in there. Jay needs to plop down in his seat, and say, "Oh well, it's a military target, I'm just a casualty of war! Too bad for me! Gee, I sure wish these guys had worn military uniforms, acted under some sort of flag, or even identified themselves instead of acting like civilians up until the last minute! D'oh! Too bad for me! But I shouldn't complain, because if I do, then someone will think I'm racially, ethnically, and religiously insensitive! Boo-hoo!"

And if the hijackers decide to behead him, he needs to kneel down nicely for them, and offer his neck. That's just how they do their killing, and if he doesn't abide by their methods, then he might be perceived as insensitive. Hopefully, they'll have sharpened their box cutters to make it painless, but probably not. Jay shouldn't scream, though, as that would offend the hijackers as well, who would think he was objecting to their lawful resistance to American aggression in a "valid" military operation.

That teacher is learning a lesson -- feel free to say what you want, but expecting that you can say what you want without real life consequences is a fantasy.

School's out.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The ups and downs of AC

I was a little tired, and had just turned in some snow lillies for another 20 millon XP. But Avy was in a PoTB, and I thought I'd stop in (she was with some folks she's known for a while, and there didn't seem like a problem with joining the fellow for a while). So I chose PoTB center, and ran to the pit. No one there -- died. So I ran back to recover that body -- died.

Lather. Rise. Die.

3 bodies. 20% vitae.

And with that, I had to decide -- what the hell was I doing? I mean, it's not like I was EXPECTING help, but I did wish I could have gotten some. But even Avy knew she couldn't do anything, and people are just busy PKLing. There were people from my alliance on, but I couldn't get any help.

And then, Avy makes it happen. From Big T's alliance. Sharif (something, I was too frantic to get his name), Rabi, and BT had moved to the main of PoTB, and were keeping the pit clear. They were only too happy to keep stuff off of me while I got everything back (all DIs, but that many is very expensive to someone like me).

Sharif pointed out that AC is all about helping people. Rabi was her usual cheerful self, and BT was gracious.

Crap. If people keep being this nice to me, it just plays total hell with my bad mood.

And now I owe Avy, big time.