Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Haw. Right again.

That UNC killer driver guy wanted to kill students to avenge Muslims.

Pardon me while I snicker a little bit at the irony, not the injuries. Here's the deal: UNC is a very liberal campus. You just know (and you can verify this by looking at older letters to the editor of the student newspaper) that they have just taken a total pacifist attitude on dealing with Muslim killers, to wit, the old, "If we ignore their attacks, they'll eventually get tired of bombing us," and the "anything bad that happens is our fault" (otherwise known as the Bennish Special).

Hey! Lookie at that UNCers! Muslims will even kill the liberals, too!

I wrote this a long time ago: "And they won't spare the pacifists."

I also wrote this: "They want you dead, no matter how much you wring your hands and blame America for all the world's problems. You'll still be considered a target to them."

And now UNC students know this too. Even the liberal ones.

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