Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The ups and downs of AC

I was a little tired, and had just turned in some snow lillies for another 20 millon XP. But Avy was in a PoTB, and I thought I'd stop in (she was with some folks she's known for a while, and there didn't seem like a problem with joining the fellow for a while). So I chose PoTB center, and ran to the pit. No one there -- died. So I ran back to recover that body -- died.

Lather. Rise. Die.

3 bodies. 20% vitae.

And with that, I had to decide -- what the hell was I doing? I mean, it's not like I was EXPECTING help, but I did wish I could have gotten some. But even Avy knew she couldn't do anything, and people are just busy PKLing. There were people from my alliance on, but I couldn't get any help.

And then, Avy makes it happen. From Big T's alliance. Sharif (something, I was too frantic to get his name), Rabi, and BT had moved to the main of PoTB, and were keeping the pit clear. They were only too happy to keep stuff off of me while I got everything back (all DIs, but that many is very expensive to someone like me).

Sharif pointed out that AC is all about helping people. Rabi was her usual cheerful self, and BT was gracious.

Crap. If people keep being this nice to me, it just plays total hell with my bad mood.

And now I owe Avy, big time.

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