Saturday, April 29, 2006


So I went on Capt Justice's KQ today (he does 3 today, and 3 tomorrow).

The good:

CJ always runs a nice quest, and with 40+ people there for all 3 Kings, the quest itself was cake. Of course, if I got 3-5 frog kills over all 3 quests, I'd be impressed, but that's only because everyone's so uber. Wyntress was very nice about keeping me in her fellow for all 3 Kings, and couldn't have been more skilled at keeping up with her folks.

Honestly, other than being part of a nice quest, I can't say there was much good. Pleasant, yes. But the good was spoiled by the "ugly."

On to The bad:

With a group this big, it's VERY hard to move folks along. I totally sympathize with CJ on this, as folks lagged, needed help with the riddles, and otherwise needed to be herded (think "meow"). He does a fantastic job of keeping everyone together, and making sure everyone gets their reward. But -- there was tremendous "down time," where we sat. And sat. And sat.

The Ugly:

With a group this big, CJ wants the quest run a specific way. I guess people are protective of him, but it was a little classless in how some of them behave. It's one thing to want the quest to be successful, but it can get a little bellicose with ANY "deviation from the norm." Here's how --

So King #2 gets whacked, and I was eaten --easily-- three, possibly four, separate times. The last time, it was when the King was in low health and I CS'd my way out JUST in time to see Mage Michellemm(something) get the kill. Woot! I grabbed a hide, and then thought I'd help out. How?

I summoned a hub portal.

Honestly, you woulda think I imp'd the King, or even recruited people into a fellowship. People went effing NUTS.

CJ "screams" out my name, then "sighs" in open chat. He then told me that he was summoning a Cragstone portal. Hrm. Ok, fine. I'm sure it's stressful to lead a large group. But that wasn't enough.

Someone named (phonetic here) "Akira Dai" offered up a very helpful, "Do you not know how to follow instructions?"

W. T. F.

Seriously. I didn't imp, or recruit. All I did was summon the hub, which, in case anyone forgets, HAS Cragstone in it.

Hell, if I'd summoned frigging KARA or something, sure, be pissed. But the effing HUB?

So for King #3, I shut my mouth, and didn't say crapola. I stayed quiet, did my thing, got my hide, and portal recalled. I sent CJ a tell thanking him for his time on the quest, and logged.

When I'm on again tomorrow (and even tonight), I'll make sure I "appear offline," and I'll pass on Kings 4, 5, & 6.

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