Wednesday, June 21, 2006



So on a whim, I managed to get home Sunday night in time to go on my first EoL quest. It was for the "hard" Harbinger.

Bearing in mind how well the "easy" Harbinger went for me:


. . . I was a touch worried.

Anyway, Kitra showed up as well, and knew that she would have connection problems. So I mostly kept an eye out for her, as well as on my own health bar. Regardless -- the quest went smoothly(!). Of course, "smoothly" means that I --maybe-- got a couple of hits in on baddies before they dissolved the like bad guys at the end of "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

So, as always, I just emoted. But -- I was stunned that on this quest, in THIS alliance . . . I'm not the only emoter(!).

(Quest leader) says, "DON'T RUN AHEAD"
Chunglee runs ahead.

WTF? That's MY line! ;-)

So I did the obligatory "Tai Fung wets his armor" every time I have to do the evil jumps, but these guys are going to make me WORK, dammit! =P We finally got to the Harby, and after much killing of his friends (it turns out he has all these shadows, wisps, and even shadow children who beam in as he dies).

And with that, two skill credits, and two levels. Twice the fun. =D

Hrm. Pretty fun, actually. And with that, my level hit the title of this entry. Note the two exclaimation points. Two skill credits = two punctuation marks.

Aren't I the wry one. =/

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