Sunday, June 11, 2006


Tai Fung
Allegiance Monarch: 4 followers.

Screw the "followers" part -- I was KING!

So I decided not to reflexively just quit being a part of any alliance in AC -- I really enjoy the portal devices, and it certainly can't hurt to know folks when you need to do certain quests requiring a lever operator. Plus, Chung's alliance was right up there with Kaos' when I was trying to make a final decision.

I PM'd Kaos to tell him that if he wasn't playing that much, Chung had a mage who was active, and needed some XP pushing for the clan buffbot. Kaos was gracious, and said that he only plays infrequently as of late. I guess I feel that the best contribution I can do right now is to help out the clan's buffbot.

But for a little while there -- I was F'ing KING!

It immediately went to my head -- "BOW BEFORE ME, THOU KNAVE!"

Gawd, I wanted to behead somebody. Alas, Chung was standing in front o' me.

Chunglee II has accepted your oath of allegiance!

Wow. There have only been like 2 people I've ever sworn to in game, and now it's 3. I'm such a patron 'ho.

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