Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ah . . . Chu

I think Chu-Chu raised a good idea the other day, to wit, going on "old" quests just to do them. Frankly, I love the idea myself. I've only done Frore once, and it was tagging along with people WAY higher than me (and, of all things, it was when I was "Ken Po," the UA no-magic-at-all-I'm-serious-not-even-item-which-made-getting-around-totally-suck-donkey-ass gimp.

So I spent most of my time wailing away with a fire cestus, making progress in killing at about the same speed as Tim Robbins did digging that tunnel in "Shawshank Redemption."

Hrm. Come to think of it, I *DO* have a standing scroll translation on me. Maybe I'll take her on that (besides the good ol' Dapper Suit quest, the single best quest in the game). I just hope she keeps the EoL talk to a whisper, though. Apparently, she had this whole falling out with them years ago, and it somehow involves her RL hubby Stee Jans and/or Kiaya. I think Chu's fun, and I know that plenty of people in the EoL think she's fun too. But there's some sticking point, and it prevents reconciliation. Ah well. Her not joining the EoL hardly means she can't quest!

Life's too short. Especially when you're around me. =P

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