Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ah, the good ol' humming crystal portal.

One of these days, I'll just do that quest for the heck of it. But for now, I have to get my melee D up to three points from max and then wait my time out for "Hard Harbinger."

Huh huh huh. "Hard." Huh huh huh.

Edit/update: It's two points. And, once again, I suck. I stopped hunting entirely to go run to the Untrain Giant Head, and then to run to the Specialized Giant Head, because I'd gotten myself 2 points from max, and worried that I'd blown some free XP.

Instead, I blew XP after all by quitting hunting to go run all over creation. =/

Although, the good news is that I got "proxy-griefed" by teh Foxy. <3 :D

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