Saturday, August 05, 2006

I better go eat the ice cream now!

Chunky Monkey, a fellow alliance member, just outright GAVE me some Ancient Armored Leggings(!). Now I have a full suit!!! Woot!

Now I have a decision to make:

Do I wear the AA suit, and get Chunglee II (my patron, and clan buffbot) to just hit me with 2 hour level 7 buffs? Including full banes, getting me up to 1330 armor level for everything?

or . . .

Do I keep wearing my Covenant armor suit, tinkered up nicely (but not that high), and with majors? The life protections I used came mainly from my clothing, rings, and bracelet, so it's not possible to do both.

Let's see here:

In the AA suit:

Level 7 creature and life buffs
1330 Armor level on everything, against everything.
Coord 330
Bow 451 (I forgot -- my whispering blade ring gives me +10 bow, so revised from 441)
Health 356
Magic D 334
Melee D 479
Missle D 370

In the Covenant suit:
Mostly level 6 buffs, the odd level 7 from Dark Sapphire and Dark Ruby rings (from that Singularity Caul recall quest).
Armor in the 880 to 1200 range (closer to the 1000s on average)
Coord 337
Bow 455
Health 361
Magic D 345
Melee D 482
Missle D 334

So, I've got some thinking to do, but I'm surprised that the melee D isn't that far off. There's a difference of 7 points in Coord, and 14(!) in bow. I only lose 5 points in health, and actually gain(!) in missle D, not that it matters.

Anyway -- thank you Chunky!!! =)

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