Friday, August 11, 2006

Tai Fung, proud member of the EoL

So it's been a weird time since Kaos swore into the EoL.

I originally had reservations resulting from a weird exchange when I had (surprise) screwed up during a Kings Quest. I know some people are pretty tightly wound, and prefer a very tight ship, but I wasn't prepared for the level that some folks got bent out of shape on Capt Justice's behalf when I committed a party foul). The single knock I'd ever heard about CJ was that he was pretty deliberate about quests, and that if you deviated even a little you were smacked down but good. So that day did indeed seem to confirm that. Thus my reservations.

Yet, on the other hand, from the start, everyone (and I mean everyone) has been nothing but nice to me. This is not something I'm used to, particularly when I think of my original (pre-Kaos) alliance. Hell, that pre-Kaos alliance was what turned me into such a solo artist.

Chung had noticed that many moons ago, when I was ready to swear into an alliance, it was down to him and Kaos. I chose Kaos, and didn't regret it, because it was just big enough to do neat quests, and just small enough that it felt less corporate. Alas, it was SO small that when people started to have real lives (and babies!), and otherwise get tired of AC, they left. So, I was under Chung, who as I mentioned, had observed that I'd been inclined to come to the EoL anyway.

When we joined, though, I was technically under Capt Justice, who has seriously been nothing but helpful (hell, even before I was sworn under him, I sua sponte asked him for help when I was doing my virgil Aerlinthe quest (solo, natch), and he talked me through when I was stuck trying to find the Behemoth of Tennawhatever). Every group has its positives and negatives. Some clans are PK havens, and that's not for me. Some have uber-restrictions on XP. Others have "Type A" quest leaders. I guess all other things being equal (and they're not), I'd go with the latter every time.

Anyway. When I joined Chung's clan, within what seemed like a day, there was a call out to help someone (I think it was Jonathan something) get his bodies back. They were scattered out near some sort of chest not far from Ayan, and I immediately LS recalled and went to help. Gotta make a good impression I figured. Chung & I were the two who showed up, and we ended up getting all his bodies back and were outta there in no time. At the time, Chung was monarch. I was impressed with that.

I also found myself pretty impressed with my Ancient Armor. Hella-impressed actually. I mean, I'm not really dying as much anymore with that suit of armor, and Chunglee's 2 hour buffs (I had to go for pincers in my dapper suit, only to die to a mutilator to experience THAT fun).

But since I was still bothered by the "dual Kitra" look, I went on the EoL message boards and just asked if someone wanted to sell some pigmentation (with color restrictions laid out by my girlfriend, who has a far better eye than I). Aye?

Right out of the blue, there's response after response from clan members just wanting to freaking GIVE me pigment. And, sure enough, one named "Misty" just up and gave me BLACK! Woot! So now whether I wear the black covenant that draws comments, or the AA, I'll still have my signature color (that of funerals, to wit, mine).

None of those folks had to do that. They hardly know me. Hell, they still don't know me that well, and yet they went out of their way to help. I guess this just confirmed for me one basic thought about my new alliance -- I'm in the EoL as long as they'll have me.

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