Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Um, is that you Kitra?

If I am actually going to go hunting with a partner, it's typically going to be my mage hunting partner, Kitra Zan. She wears a full Ancient Armored suit I bought her from Tarn or somebody a year ago (no time for BM quests Dr. Jones!). Anyway, now that *I* have one, it is great.

But it flips me out to log in. I freaking look like HER. Hell, it looks like it's HER wielding a bow(!). THAT is disconcerting.

I need some AA dye. But, I went to the MP, and there was one guy selling "Ultramarine" pigment (or maybe Aquamarine). I pulled up that look on Maggie's, and my girlfriend told me she thought it looked pretty gay and flamboyant. So, of course, I dug it. =) =P

Now then, I'd settle for Black, and be thrilled, since it's the color of my covenant armor that gets so many compliments.

But one problem -- the dude in the MP wanted 70(!!!!!!?????) MMDs for it.

Ack. =(

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