Monday, September 04, 2006

@e peeks

Um, so . . . Hi. =)

Been a while. Not just since I've posted, since I've blogged, but since I've even logged in. Ack. I haven't just been busy -- I've been EFFING busy!

Sheesh. This has really sucked! And just when I was enjoying the hell out of logging in, and really loving interacting with the EOL.

But all is not lost -- I'm off to the Big Island of Hawaii, starting 11 September (yes, I'm getting on a big giant plane in Portland, OR, and leaving for San Fran, then off to Kona).

2+ weeks of sun, relaxation . . . and free Wi-Fi in the pool and other areas of the condo array.

I just CANNOT wait for this Saturday. I leave for Oregon this Thursday, then something happens Friday and Saturday, then on Monday, it's off to Hawaii.

I am SO logging in and playing AC poolside. :D

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