Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Random musings

So, it's been a hard road getting back into AC, and I miss it. Work is crazy, but even when it's not, I'm usually so tired from training for the Marine Corps Marathon that I just pass out.

So let's go over some random musings:

--I was psyched to get to play some AC, poolside, in Hawaii, but having gekkos run along while I was sipping mai-tais was a bit unnerving.

--I saw some post from Jezza_Belle, ranting about how Socialism was the best system of government, and threw up a little. Sure, Socialism is great, if you're a deadbeat who can't compete. As I stated before:

--The South Park on WOW was pretty damn funny. It was, um, so funny, that I actually did go out and buy a copy from Circuit City for $19.99. I haven't opened the box yet, and might return it. Or I might install it. But if I don't have time to play AC, how could I possibly have time to play WOW?

--Woot! The halloween icons are back! :D

--I'm bummed I didn't get a chance to log in and wish Lookie a happy birthday. It's been a rough go o' things. Moreover, it sounds like Lookie still isn't fully recovered from his accident. If that flippin' mo-ron would listen to me and go find himself a personal injury lawyer (or three) and have a free consultation, I bet that insurance company would start to pony up MUCH faster!

--I logged in and paid the rent on my villa. The one I'd bought the day it was released, and obtained after a near-month of planning, buying necessary housing items, and even with a little help from a now-departed Monarch.

Then I realized I hadn't played all month.

Crap. =(

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