Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I should take long AC breaks more often!

I got to play a fair amount yesterday, and spent time getting some old haunts revisited (jaws, tusks, library books). I also got my Nightclub shirt --- wub that place, although it was just me there. Spent time talking with Ling Li (Rainia), which was nice, and gave me a chance to catch up -- she traded villas with Avy(!!).

Anyway, one of the first things that happened (as it always does when I miss a great deal of time), is that the AC rare system kicked in, and I was promptly given my rare . . .

Armor Tinkering! Again!

The last one I got happened the LAST time I took a long break. I had taken that rare, and just stuck it on Chunglee II, the alliance buffbot, with some sort of jaunty inscription about trying to "earn my keep" in AC and the EOL.

So what do I do with this one? Maybe I'll just give it to Chunglee again -- Karma seems to be paying off! ;-)

Oh, and Kit found an Item Tinkering rare, but I'm not sure those are in demand. I'll almost certainly give that one to Chung as well.

But then again, that would mean I was playing more . . . ]:-)

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