Sunday, December 31, 2006

300th entry!

I can't believe I've done 300 of these things. This was going to be originally just a little way to record my attempts at getting around in Dereth, took on a political bent at times, and veered off in the personal attack venue every so often. But ultimately, it's just about a little solo, item-only archer winding his way around Dereth, trying to minimize pwnage, while maximizing fun. If a little decent loot showed up along the way, great. WHEN a lot of vitae hit, that's deal-able too. Because THIS gimpy archer doesn't quit. I take breaks, sure, but I don't quit.

Besides, if I did quit, sooooo many monsters would miss me. I'm told I have a "tasty body." (PM of that will NOT be released to protect the innocent!!) =) =P

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Down with Tufa!

Seriously -- there is NO easy way to this place. WTF????

I know there's a portal at the Jungle Hub, but I just moved my tie to Umbral Hub (also on the Veyseywhatever Isles). But moving between those isles is easier than moving from East to West Berlin in 1954.

Always scary when women talk to each other . . .

Kit encountered Marie in the Egg Orchard, and recounted me their conversation. Let me put the gist of it this way: You know when your mom would encounter a teacher of yours in the grocery store or something? You remember that combined feeling of both "busted," and "worlds are colliding!" you'd get?

Yup, that was basically the look on my face this morning at breakfast.

Eek. At least they got along. Or perhaps I should be lamenting that!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I wonder how many majors I miss out on?

I was just thinking about this today as I had a quick run through the PoTB pit with some guys with the name "Dim" in their name.

How many Majors must I miss out on? I don't use Decal since ToD started, so no Bandit Sight. I mean, in dungeons like that, I just kill, and don't look at loot -- I just look for stuff like XP items.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Such a softie --

I just gave my armor tinkering and item tinkering rares to Jade Dragon in the MP. I know I'd swore I was going to keep and sell them for MMDs, but I can't. There's got to be someone in the alliance who can use them instead.

Heh, my mule "Howard Stern" gave the stuff to Jade. THAT's going to be a funny log entry. Especially since I still haven't remember to swear Howard into the EOL. =)

Wow, so THAT didn't take long . . .

. . . hello, Lifestone.

I played again today, beaming in to hear that a PoTB (I'm so glad that's back "in" as a possible place to go) fellow was going on in the pit. I showed up, got swarmed, and promptly died. As in, we hadn't even barely set up yet.

. . . goodbye, buffs.

Again, it wasn't that long that I'd just hit a mana stone on myself, recharge everything I was wearing, and zoom! Back I go, wow-ing everyone with how fast I'd return (ok, so maybe I wow'd them over easily I'd died, and yet seemed so eager to come back).

But not now. Now I gotta go rebuff at the bot. Well, at least I have this awesome armor.

Oh, wait. Why exactly did I switch over to Ancient Armor?

Riiiiiiiight. Because I can bane this stuff.

Which I'd forgotten to do. Again.



Well, for all of about 5 minutes. ;-)

I realized that I'm still sworn to Chung's buffbot, Chunglee II, and needed to move myself to a regular active player. I was just assessing Catherine the So-So and Gbb, the two buffbots, when someone beamed in at the mansion.

Her name was "Shiksa" or something like that, so I went ahead and ID'd her.

Ah HA! Her patron! "Fox Inc."

That's it! TEH FOXAH!

I've known Foxy for friggin YEARS on the Boards, she's classy and funny and smart, and while she has a penchant to get her vassals killed (a lot, apparently), dying is something I'm intimately acquainted with.

Death says, "Yeah, in Massachusetts, we'd be married."
You say, "STFU you"
Death says, "Don't you have to go beaming into some hot zone with just your dapper suit on? Isn't it time for that yet?"


Freaking brilliant. So I got Foxy to boot me (for which she had to log on like 57 other alt accounts to find whatever, probably a stepstool to reach my ass), and I got all melodramatic after I was booted.

You say, "Whatever will I do?!"
You say, "Whereever shall I go?!"
You say, "But wait -- perhaps TEH FOXAH will take me in!"

Alas, but she didn't. She got her other alt, "Shiksa," or whatever to do it. ;-)

But I'm still in the alliance, and happy to now be Lookie's co-vassal. Maybe he'll give me some fashion tips (beyond the standard, "Don't wear pleated armor.").

Oh, by the way, I so hope this is how Foxy spells her alt. char that is my patron:


It's a year old, but . . .

. . . I'm still happy over something I threw together a year ago. =D

Saturday, December 23, 2006


I logged in for the first time in a month, as I've gotten a decent hold on work vs. running vs. play as of late, and wanted to get some time in again. What do I find?

--Chung's gone. Temporarily, hopefully, but gone right now. A sweetie named "Marie the Loyal," who was never anything but cool to me is the new monarch.

--@a chat is buzzing about stuff that can only mean one thing -- a Harbinger Quest. Woot! In 30 minutes! Yay! And I've even got my item!

It turned out that Kitra didn't, so we ran off and killed aggressors until we could find one. In the meantime, I noticed that the alliance has this curious "alt/main" run style of the quest (apparently the alts go first a half hour earlier, then log at the point where they would fight Harby). The mains then kill Harby, and the alts run in and grab arm tokens. Interesting!

Anyway, we find a scalp, and off we go to kill The Evil One. Now, it's been a while since I've done Harby, but I have done the "hard" Harbinger. Still, with all of the other upgrades, I expected to see that his avatar has been converted to Mel Gibson. It wasn't. Instead, his avatar might have just been wearing a sandwich board saying, "Will give you all l33t XP if I can just kill Tai."

I didn't have the chat log on, but suffice to say two things were apparent:

1. I couldn't so much as ding Harby, and
2. (Harbinger casts (Tai is WTF Pwned and drains 378 health)

Yup. A drain spell. ALL of my health, gone-zor.

Well, no problem, right? I'll just recall and head back to keep fighting!

Two other points:

1. I now am no longer self-sufficient for buffing since I moved from creature/life equipment Covenant and converted to Ancient Armor, and

2. I'd forgotten to bane.

So, this very helpful clanmate named "Melissandra" (or close to that) was coaching me through stuff, and told me to run fastfastfastfast to Yanshi, and hit the Harby portal, so I'd beam right back to Harby.

But I thought she meant the Harby PORTAL:

--as in, just stand outside this room while we fight everything under the sun and tell you to come back in.

Instead, I beamed in, and found myself literally staring at Harby in the face.

Harbinger tells you, "OMG are you dense."

Even Kitra was like, "Didn't you understand what she meant?"

Mellisandra says to your fellowship, "Just cower in the corner Tai"
You say, "AIEEEE!"
Tai Fung cowers.

Someone else kept mentioning Lokkie in all of this, and I can only assume that was teh Foxah, but I didn't see a character name with Fox in it. Bah.

Anyway, the bastard (Harbinger) dies, and I get my body. I passed on a token to make sure that alts would get one, and just maxxed melee D (so now that's bow, coord, and melee D). Kit grabbed a token anyway and got more XP.

So about 700 million XP for about 60 minutes of time.

Gawd I dig this alliance. ;-)

Now I just gotta remember how to bane, and how to not die.

Yeah, like either is possible. =P

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Corinthian

There's no way that this new poster, "The Corinthian" (with whatever weird spelling) is actually him. No way. The original was a serious, older guy. Definitely not this new poster.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Back from Guatemala!

Not much time in game, but I am indeed still playing. Almost no time for VN, which is a real bummer. I actually miss reading and catching up. =(

Anyway, here's the link to the Flickr shots, the Guatemala set should be easy to find!