Sunday, December 31, 2006

300th entry!

I can't believe I've done 300 of these things. This was going to be originally just a little way to record my attempts at getting around in Dereth, took on a political bent at times, and veered off in the personal attack venue every so often. But ultimately, it's just about a little solo, item-only archer winding his way around Dereth, trying to minimize pwnage, while maximizing fun. If a little decent loot showed up along the way, great. WHEN a lot of vitae hit, that's deal-able too. Because THIS gimpy archer doesn't quit. I take breaks, sure, but I don't quit.

Besides, if I did quit, sooooo many monsters would miss me. I'm told I have a "tasty body." (PM of that will NOT be released to protect the innocent!!) =) =P

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