Saturday, December 23, 2006


I logged in for the first time in a month, as I've gotten a decent hold on work vs. running vs. play as of late, and wanted to get some time in again. What do I find?

--Chung's gone. Temporarily, hopefully, but gone right now. A sweetie named "Marie the Loyal," who was never anything but cool to me is the new monarch.

--@a chat is buzzing about stuff that can only mean one thing -- a Harbinger Quest. Woot! In 30 minutes! Yay! And I've even got my item!

It turned out that Kitra didn't, so we ran off and killed aggressors until we could find one. In the meantime, I noticed that the alliance has this curious "alt/main" run style of the quest (apparently the alts go first a half hour earlier, then log at the point where they would fight Harby). The mains then kill Harby, and the alts run in and grab arm tokens. Interesting!

Anyway, we find a scalp, and off we go to kill The Evil One. Now, it's been a while since I've done Harby, but I have done the "hard" Harbinger. Still, with all of the other upgrades, I expected to see that his avatar has been converted to Mel Gibson. It wasn't. Instead, his avatar might have just been wearing a sandwich board saying, "Will give you all l33t XP if I can just kill Tai."

I didn't have the chat log on, but suffice to say two things were apparent:

1. I couldn't so much as ding Harby, and
2. (Harbinger casts (Tai is WTF Pwned and drains 378 health)

Yup. A drain spell. ALL of my health, gone-zor.

Well, no problem, right? I'll just recall and head back to keep fighting!

Two other points:

1. I now am no longer self-sufficient for buffing since I moved from creature/life equipment Covenant and converted to Ancient Armor, and

2. I'd forgotten to bane.

So, this very helpful clanmate named "Melissandra" (or close to that) was coaching me through stuff, and told me to run fastfastfastfast to Yanshi, and hit the Harby portal, so I'd beam right back to Harby.

But I thought she meant the Harby PORTAL:

--as in, just stand outside this room while we fight everything under the sun and tell you to come back in.

Instead, I beamed in, and found myself literally staring at Harby in the face.

Harbinger tells you, "OMG are you dense."

Even Kitra was like, "Didn't you understand what she meant?"

Mellisandra says to your fellowship, "Just cower in the corner Tai"
You say, "AIEEEE!"
Tai Fung cowers.

Someone else kept mentioning Lokkie in all of this, and I can only assume that was teh Foxah, but I didn't see a character name with Fox in it. Bah.

Anyway, the bastard (Harbinger) dies, and I get my body. I passed on a token to make sure that alts would get one, and just maxxed melee D (so now that's bow, coord, and melee D). Kit grabbed a token anyway and got more XP.

So about 700 million XP for about 60 minutes of time.

Gawd I dig this alliance. ;-)

Now I just gotta remember how to bane, and how to not die.

Yeah, like either is possible. =P

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