Sunday, December 24, 2006


Well, for all of about 5 minutes. ;-)

I realized that I'm still sworn to Chung's buffbot, Chunglee II, and needed to move myself to a regular active player. I was just assessing Catherine the So-So and Gbb, the two buffbots, when someone beamed in at the mansion.

Her name was "Shiksa" or something like that, so I went ahead and ID'd her.

Ah HA! Her patron! "Fox Inc."

That's it! TEH FOXAH!

I've known Foxy for friggin YEARS on the Boards, she's classy and funny and smart, and while she has a penchant to get her vassals killed (a lot, apparently), dying is something I'm intimately acquainted with.

Death says, "Yeah, in Massachusetts, we'd be married."
You say, "STFU you"
Death says, "Don't you have to go beaming into some hot zone with just your dapper suit on? Isn't it time for that yet?"


Freaking brilliant. So I got Foxy to boot me (for which she had to log on like 57 other alt accounts to find whatever, probably a stepstool to reach my ass), and I got all melodramatic after I was booted.

You say, "Whatever will I do?!"
You say, "Whereever shall I go?!"
You say, "But wait -- perhaps TEH FOXAH will take me in!"

Alas, but she didn't. She got her other alt, "Shiksa," or whatever to do it. ;-)

But I'm still in the alliance, and happy to now be Lookie's co-vassal. Maybe he'll give me some fashion tips (beyond the standard, "Don't wear pleated armor.").

Oh, by the way, I so hope this is how Foxy spells her alt. char that is my patron:


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