Sunday, December 24, 2006

Wow, so THAT didn't take long . . .

. . . hello, Lifestone.

I played again today, beaming in to hear that a PoTB (I'm so glad that's back "in" as a possible place to go) fellow was going on in the pit. I showed up, got swarmed, and promptly died. As in, we hadn't even barely set up yet.

. . . goodbye, buffs.

Again, it wasn't that long that I'd just hit a mana stone on myself, recharge everything I was wearing, and zoom! Back I go, wow-ing everyone with how fast I'd return (ok, so maybe I wow'd them over easily I'd died, and yet seemed so eager to come back).

But not now. Now I gotta go rebuff at the bot. Well, at least I have this awesome armor.

Oh, wait. Why exactly did I switch over to Ancient Armor?

Riiiiiiiight. Because I can bane this stuff.

Which I'd forgotten to do. Again.


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