Saturday, January 20, 2007

A 310 million XP mistake. Ouchies.

But oh, so typical. =/

It was a nutty Saturday afternoon, when Kitra asked if I had the time to make a quick Harby run. I really didn't. But she hates doing that stuff alone, and I thought I'd try to help out (and basically be a target).

The trouble was that I still hadn't:

1. Untrained/Retrained Bow
2. Found a new Bloodletter Drudge Charm

So I was scrambling to do that stuff (a huge tip-in/save from Marie, who just handed me one, I so heart her), when at the same time I've got something going on in RL around me (distracting me), as well as trying to type out/talk out to guide Kitra to the train/untrain place. On top of that Polendra something, who was totally nice to chat to was also talking to me.

Oh, and in @a chat, people were trying to explain how you could (this is baffling) actually RUN Harby BEFORE you give Vincadi the item. WTF? I have a hard enough time getting flagged for a freaking "Go kill 50 Repugnant Eaters" quest!!!

Anyway, in the middle of everything, I started to raise up my XP in to Bow. You know, where you get it to where you need 310 million for a point, and then stop, so you get the extra 310 and 350 million?

Click. Click. Click click click click click.

And just like that, in the middle of everything: Click.

Your base Bow skill is now 380!

Um, oops.

So I didn't get any XP post Harby, just so I could "Fred Berry" my ass to the Train/Untrain dungeons.

"You may complete this quest again in 6d 14h 23s."


At that point, I just recalled to Yanshi, talked to Vincadi, and got my free 350 million.

That's 310 million XP down the tubes, but it's a lesson learned: I do NOT like to rush to get ready for a quest. I'd rather miss it. And sometimes, I need to just let a few lines of text fly by, and catch up on the reading later.


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