Sunday, January 07, 2007

500th death, and it was memorable.

This was a wierd weekend. It had good, bad, and ugly moments as usual. But what was funny was that my 500th death, which I'd been planning to be something momentous, was actually pretty stressful. I even had to get an Envoy.

The Good: At the last minute tonight (Sunday), I saw that Enos, Kasen, someone named "Lyr" who I think was actually "Ashai," and Legend of Bow were going off on the Composite Bow Upgrade Quest. This seemed fun, and while it was REALLY frustrating at times (you have to find this portal tucked deep in these caves), it was all worth it, and the upgrade is quite nice. It apparently does really well against Harby, so I'm looking forward to trying it out soon.

The Bad: 20% vitae. Including 2 deaths in about 10 minutes. Some things never change. I can't get over how bad I am at this stuff.

The Ugly: That would be death #500. Specifically, I died in the PoTB, above the pit, after being too stingy to crack an Aphus Gem. Humph. Fine. So my body is at PoTB, being used as some sort of marionette by the Lugies ("Now make him kick like a Rockette!"), when I head back.

I pretty skillfully (lots of experience at this) manage to open my body, loot a bit, heal, loot a bit, heal, etc. And JUST as I get the last pyreal off of myself, I took about two paces back, and slap my finger down on the "3" key, for an Aphus ejection to safety. But I looked up just in time to see this:

The force of Tukora Lieutenant's attack flattens you!

So maybe I'm not THAT skillful at this stuff. Anyway.

Hello, LS, goodbye (again) buffs. At this point, I'm having a hard time reconciling what to do about augments to not drop items, or to not lose your buffs. I know that I'm wasting bots' time by using them repeatedly from dying.

Anyway, I recalled back to the PoTB, and ran to where I died to find: Nothing.
So, maybe I actually DID hit that recall gem! So I recalled to Aphus (via another gem, because the lugies were yet again beating the crap out of me), to find: Nothing.

At this point, I know what you're saying: TAI OMFG YOU GIMP! YOU WERE IN THE WRONG POTB!

Nope. Because I went to EACH of them at this point. Right to where I know I died, to find: Nothing.

No body. But I'd dropped items. I sure as hell had vitae (10% now). And I was a mite confused.

So I LS recalled. No body. I LS "floated." No body.

I paged for an Envoy, and while I was waiting, it occurred to me that maybe I should log to the desktop and back in. I did that, and hit the PoTB main: No body.

So I hit PoTB West: Oh. "Corpse of Tai Fung" Right where I'd left it.

At that point, I grabbed by body's stuff, recalled (goodbye another gem), and kind of thought -- did I just have a brain lock? Was I not in Main? But I just *KNOW* I went through the three dungeons first. It had to have been the desktop logging.

Because I can't suck so badly at hunting in Dereth that I forgot where I was, can I?

I think the Envoy peed himself from laughing at me so hard.

And I checked -- this was my 500th death. Well, it turned out to be memorable after all. Env-owned.

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