Sunday, January 21, 2007

AGAIN with the chopping off of heads?!

I've been faced with a problem as of late: I moved my LS from Ayan, to the one just outside the Viss. Isle portal (the cool, gyroscope looking LS), but sometimes I still need to get to Ayan.

What to do?

Ohhhhh! I'm a member of the Whispering Blade thingie (the good guys). There's a recall orb I can just quest for and then I'll have a nice quick and easy way back to Ayan! Woooooot!

But first, you have to get to Ayan, to get to the WB chapterhouse. I went to Holt, and couldn't get my typical method (a bot named Mia) to cast. Grrr. So off I run to Ayan, using a FREAKING LONG WAY I DON'T MIND TELLING YOU.


After getting your orders at the WB Chapterhouse, the quest starts with having to go to Eastwatch, and find some idiot called "The White Spear." I kept thinking of "The White Shadow," from that old TV show. But instead of being surrounded by troubled black basketball players, "The White Spear" is surrounded by penguins.

Anyway, you're supposed to whack Whitey, and then, as if that's not enough, chop off his head.

I blogged about getting the head of Baron Entemerrewhatever a while back (he was the torturous tyrant, who it turns out is the height of a Pack Drudge). But you're supposed to whack him, and then take his head.

Same deal with the Dereth version of Ken Howard (Google that line, it's hysterical). Whack, kill, chop.

Sigh. Whatever, I killed him, and went back to Ayan (taking another FREAKING LONG WAY because I couldn't get the portal bot in Holt to work).

But THIS head isn't good enough for the chick. She wants: ANOTHER shubbery, er, head!

Grrrrr. Yup, I'm to run to Vissidial, where I'm supposed to run to some Mukkir place, and chop off yet another head.

Which I did. After only dying twice (once running to the dungeon, once in it).

So I got the orb, and some bow-thingie, and then triumphantly announce that I have a quick way to Ayan in @a chat.

At that point, someone said something like, "Yeah, I really want the Ulgrim Spell, so I can get back there fast"

Which prompted me to (literally) smack my head.


I actually HAVE that spell.

Another Sunday night, down the drain.

Whispering Bladowned.

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