Sunday, January 28, 2007


I am no longer a "3-D" archer. I used to be spec'd in Missle/Melee/Magic D's, but I've realized that I'm probably wasting serious skill credits through the missle D spec'ing. I asked Marie, who said that NONE of her chars even have it trained, so out it went.

I know this much -- I DEFINITELY don't want any other magic schools right now. I can barely keep myself alive as an archer, and have a helluva time even remembering to freaking BANE, so I give myself a 0% chance or remembering spells with names like, "Fafhard's Gratiutious Wedgie," or "Lithia's Greater Benediction of Wii," or whatever.

So what does that leave? I'm not sure. So far, I've trained up Mana Conversion, so that when I DO remember to bane, it won't take me 30 minutes of doing that insipid "Casting Stein Trick Thingie" (although I'm thankful for it).

Now I'm left with 6 skill credits, and too many to specialize at this point (so far, I'm spec'd Bow, Melee, Magic D, and Lore).

Of course, I wonder if there's room to spec Run? ;-)

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