Sunday, February 25, 2007

Effing Bloodletters

In preparation for tonight's Harby quest, I just spent NINETY MINUTES looking for a lousy Drudge Bloodletter Charm, must have killed a good 100 of those buggers before I finally found one.

Kit needed a Bandy Aggressor scalp, and had spent nearly 30 minutes out where she was, trying to find one. Of course, because I'm a sap, I decided to help out with that, and found one on about the 10th Aggressor I killed.

And I know that I could just go untrain/retrain something, and pump it up to within 2 points, but it's not that easy. EVERY time I go to the Train/Untrain temple, I get pwned. I SWEAR, I pick something up, read the little blurb about how long you have to wait, and the next thing you know, BAM, there's a two week period imposed, and I'm there with a 51 bow skill.

So pardon me if I stick to things by the book, and keep looking for Bloodletters. Because even if it takes 90 minutes, that's still shorter than two weeks. ;-)

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