Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Move to 3 schools?

Someone posted on VN about an archer template, and everyone was crapping on specing lore.

@e is lore-spec'd.

Is that bad? Um, oops?

So I just went through my favorite character generator, at, and it seems that if I ditch missle D completely (already done), and ditch lore completely, I actually might be able to:

Train Life AND Creature. So I'd be:

Spec'd in:
Melee D
Magic D

Trained in:
Mana Conversion

Sure, with Life trained, I wouldn't land Imps on anything, but the good news is that I'd be back to being a self-buffer.


This could be fun. I mean, sure, I wouldn't have 2 hour buffs anymore (I'm saving ALL my XP for Clutch of the Miser, and the "no need to rebuff after you die" augments).

But -- I could just rebuff after I die without having to go get a bot. Hell, in THAT case, maybe I bail on the "Enduring Whatever" Augment, and pump those points into the magic schools?

Heh. Guess it might be time to learn the names of those stupid spells after all. ;-)

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