Monday, February 12, 2007

Royally Pwned.

"Oh! You're huntin Vissidial now, Tai? Well, you just GOTTA get a Royal Runed Bow!"
"Hey Tai! Did you get that Royal Runed Bow yet?"
"Tai! You suck if you don't get that Royal Runed Bow!"

Ok, I get it. I should go get the Royal Runed Bow. Fortunately, it looks like it's no big deal.

1. Run to dungeon.
2. Kill humanoids in dungeon.
3. Get key.
4. Open chest.
5. Recall back to Whispering Blade place for some XP Lovin.

This, of course, means it's a problem. Specifically:

1. The dungeon is located just on the other side of a range of mountains, only slightly more impassable than the Germans had at Omaha Beach.

Of course, after getting stuck on top of various sharp angled mountain points, I finally jump off of Mount Polygon to (eventually) land near the portal. Which is un-tie-able.

2. The humanoids are all wearing what looks like GSC armor, and proceed to gang attack me like I'm Rodney King.

So after dying (this is a surprise why?), I repeat step #1 (getting stuck AGAIN) and finally get back to the dungeon (although this time I loaded up lightning arrows).

3. I decided that instead of fighting, I'd just do the patented "Tai runs like hell through a dungeon, while the baddies chase after him like he's the Beatles" method. Eventually, I found the acid pit.

Which I fell in, and thus had to recall out (see Step #1 YET FRIGGING AGAIN).


So I finally find the "Chief Bad Guy," and kill him, and loot his key.

4. I open the chest, expecting to see a range of Royal Runed Weapons (I was only planning on taking the bow, really!). Instead I see: A Mace. I wonder if Lews can use it?


5. I go back to the Whispering Blade chapterhouse thing, get my 15 million (which I could have gotten in 10 minutes elsewhere), and then re-read up on the quest.

The only bright spot was a quick chat with Lews and Chu-Chu, who is still as nice as ever.

I'm off to bed. Eff the freaking Royals. Call me a peasant. ;-)

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