Sunday, February 25, 2007

Same Harbinger . . .

. . . same result.

Hello, Lifestone. Gawd I suck.

On the other hand, I at least made it back to the bastard in time to get my 800 bazillion points, so I'll deal. I'm 100 million points away from my second "clutch of the miser" augment, so I'm that much closer to being like Cyrano and leaving bodies everywhere all over Dereth.

But at least Foxy died too. <3 :-)

P.S. There was one bright spot. I'd died with Harby at (this is true) 5% of health, and the EOL deliberately just kept him at bay (by this point 3% of health) so I could make the quick recall back to Yanshi, and then run for the dungeon (at 124% burden). Thank goodness I keep a backpack full of town gems (like 25 each) for quick zips around Dereth. Anyway, it was really cool of them to hold on like that. And really typical for me to croak that close to Harby's friggin demise. :-(

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