Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Death says, "I've missed you!"

But Harby didn't.

It's well after midnight as I write this (Foxy was right, I wasn't able to crash so quickly), so allow me to toss a few choice events from the Harby run tonight as I think of them (I forgot to run a chat log, still rusty):

--There were only about 7 of us there, prompting Don II to go on the @cg channel to see if anyone from "genpop" wanted to come. Nada. Uh-oh.

--We plow through to Harby, and beam in. At this point, things took a turn for the worse. Kinda like Titanic post-iceberg.

--As SOON as we beam in, Harby focuses on me like I'm a long-lost brother, just pounding me like crazy. I am working the "4" key, eating field health rations, when Harby hits me with the "drain 100% of your stamina" spell. Ugh. So I reach for the "2" key (which is the field stamina rations). Instead, because it's been a while since I've played, I hit the "3" key. What's the "3" key?

Hello, Aphus Lassel. Damn.

Time to run back to Yanshi.

--By the time I got back, I saw that Foxy died early, as her alt Shysie. Of course, me being who I am, I died pretty fast.

Time to run back to Yanshi. Damn damn.

I followed, quickly (naturally, this time, and ran back to Yanshi).

--Since I don't have self-buffing anymore (no Covenant), I hit on the brilliant idea to recall to the Whispering Blade Chapterhouse, touch the life crystal, and THEN run back to Yanshi. I'd be missing certain creature buffs, but I had a full array of beer, and the super-duper-composite bow seemed to pick up the rest (bow buffs, major coord, etc).

--That lasted about 5 minutes, when Harby put the Harbing-ownage on me again.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

At this point, we're up to 2 deaths, when we get Harby down to (this is true) like 2-5% of health. Here we go! We're on him! Free XP awaits!

--Insert 3rd death here.

You say to your fellowship, "As if on cue."
Shysie says to your allegiance, "lololol"
(Yes, she posted that in flipping @a chat!!!)

I made it back JUST in time to get my Arm token, as well as depart via the right portal so I could get my other XP.

Anyway, we get our XP, and I'm thinking of logging, when Don says, "Time to clean up the mess."

Oh good. More elementals. Except these are the ones dressed in the Viamontian-looking suits of armor, called "Knights of Verdancy/Strife/Whatever."

I'm serious -- at one point, I had 3 pounding on me with spells, weapons, debuffs, you name it. I was surrounded by so many buff men in colored armor, you'd think I was Liza Minelli at a Gay Pride march. All of this led to . . .

--Insert 4th death here. And at that point, I wasn't just doing heals for myself, I wasn't even fighting. And yet ZAPZAPZAPZAPDIEPORTALPORTALPORTAL.

Grrrr. Time to run back to Yan---ah, you get it.

--So now, by the time I'm back, we have the "Reflection of the Harbinger," who had arrived within (this is true) SECONDS of me saying, "Back!" in open chat.

And yes . . .

--Insert 5th death here.

Some things NEVER change. At this point, Foxy is just doubled over laughing, one person I hadn't met in the alliance actually had to apologize for laughing so much, and I seriously think I heard a wood target drudge snicker at me as I ran by for the SEVENTH time.

In the end, the competent folks got pseudo-Harby. But I got a free pack Harbinger from Enos. With the inscription, "5 times. ;)" on it. Now THAT is a welcome-back gift. ;-) :-P

--The good news was that I remembered to bane.

Time for bed. <3 to all. ;-)

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