Friday, April 20, 2007

Saving, searching, saving . . . oops.

When I logged in patch day (night) Foxy told me to check my pack for a robe . . . nothin.

Okies, she says, you just have to do the Search for Asheron quest. So I talk to this guy, and he sends me ALL THE HELL OVER DERETH to pick up necklaces, rings, goblets . . . whatever.

As I'm doing all this, I'm thinking to myself, "Damn, this seems familiar somehow." Anyway, I finish up the quest, and talk to the guy in Cragstone (Osment something).

And get the same message.

So I do a little research, and it's the SAVING Asheron quest that I have yet to do, in order to get Bur recall (and presumably this stupid robe?).

There goes a perfectly good Thursday night -- glad I'd already run, and had a decent dinner before I settled in.

Foxy griefed me, and she didn't even KNOW it! ;-) :-P

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