Monday, April 16, 2007

Va Tech

--Initial reports indicate the shooter was a foreign student here on a visa, which we (the US) give out like candy. You think my RL work was intense before? This could be really, really bad. I might not see the light of day soon.

--So, remember all these emo college kids who post on VN about how (1) they hate cops, (2) cops are pigs, (3) cops are fascists, etc. Who was it that charged into the building where the shooter was? Who was it that laid on top of the students, and hustled them into cars and/or safety? Nice.

--Think also of how you have these people saying, "Those who would trade freedom for security (blah blah blah)." So, you want to ban all guns now, or increase gun control, but you don't want to take your shoes off at the airport? Hypocrisy, anyone? Security isn't a bad thing, and the Constitution is not a suicide pact.

May those poor students and their families find some peace.

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