Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bang! Zoom!

Happy 4th, belatedly. ;-)


I've actually been playing AC a lot this past month, although at very weird hours. It's been great. Random happenings . . .

. . . I had a completely botched attempt at running Kitra though the Vissidial flagging quest (thank you "stuck in portal" bug!). That seriously sucked. But fortunately, the good ol' EOL scheduled another quest, and we ran her through -- she's flagged now!

. . . on my first time taking Kitra on an "orientation tour" of Vissidial, I died not once, but FOUR times, almost all of which were in front of Foxy and 2 other EOL members standing near the Vissidial lifestone (I unfortunately didn't have chat logging, so I missed the spellings). Kitra lived.

Feh. This new blogger is troublesome in Firefox. Lemme publish and work on the next draft.

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